20 High Quality Glyph Icon Sets

Icons are very important need in professional website design and Glyph icons are becoming popular in the modern design day by day. Glyph icon sets play an important role in the responsive designs. Icons should be used very carefully in the web and theme designing to convey the right message due to elimination of text captions from them.

Here, we have collected 20 high quality Glyph icon sets for your next website and WordPress theme designing. Let have a look and you may also be interested in our other articles on Responsive CSS FrameworksParallax WordPress ThemesFree WordPress Backup Plugins and Sports WordPress Themes.

1. Glyph UI Icon Set

1_Glyph UI Icon Set

Glyph UI Icon Set

2. Gcons



3. Minimicons 2nd Edition (PSD)

3_Minimicons 2nd Edition (PSD)

Minimicons 2nd Edition (PSD)

4. Extended Entypo Glyph Set

4_Extended Entypo Glyph Set

Extended Entypo Glyph Set

5. App Bits

5_App Bits

App Bits




7. Pyconic Icons Free

7_Pyconic Icons Free

Pyconic Icons Free

8. Font Awesome

8_Font Awesome

Font Awesome

9. Mini Glyphs Icon Set

9_Mini Glyphs Icon Set

Mini Glyphs Icon Set

10. Fico



11. 20 Hotel and Restaurant Glyph Icons (Vector PSD)

11_20 Hotel and Restaurant Glyph Icons (Vector PSD)

20 Hotel and Restaurant Glyph Icons (Vector PSD)

12. 106 Pixel Perfect Icons

12_106 Pixel Perfect Icons

106 Pixel Perfect Icons

13. Silkcons - 120 Glyphs Set

13_Silkcons - 120 Glyphs Set

Silkcons - 120 Glyphs Set

14. Foundation Icon Fonts 2!

14_Foundation Icon Fonts 2!

Foundation Icon Fonts 2!

15. Socialico



16. 20 Pixel Perfect Glyph Icons (Vector PSD)

16_20 Pixel Perfect Glyph Icons (Vector PSD)

20 Pixel Perfect Glyph Icons (Vector PSD)

17. Modern Pictograms

17_Modern Pictograms

Modern Pictograms

18. A Free Icon Web Font

18_A Free Icon Web Font

A Free Icon Web Font

19. Gentleface



20. MimiGlyphs



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